Hear every detail

Studio Monitor Series

Loading big speaker audio into deceptively small dimensions.

Huge for Their Size

Get the best of both worlds with the performance of large traditional loudspeakers in much more convenient bookshelf models. As stand-alone speakers or combined with a separate subwoofer, the StudioMonitor Series offers extended low-frequency characteristics for surprisingly superb sound quality.

Engineered to Be Superior

The culmination of over 20 years of research and development, the StudioMonitor Series sets a whole new bar for high-accuracy loudspeakers. With racetrack bass radiator technology and the latest generation of patented BDSS™ bass/midrange drivers all housed in an attractive, rock-solid enclosure, these remarkable works of sonic engineering deliver the purest, most transparent and realistic audio.

Balanced Double Surround System

The latest generation of patented BDSS™ bass/midrange drivers perform in concert with patent-pending Linear Response Waveguide™ technology and pure aluminium dome tweeters to disperse smooth, crystal-clear sound everywhere in the room.

Racetrack Bass Radiators

Top-mounted racetrack bass radiators pressure-coupled to the BDSS™ long-throw drivers extend and amplify low frequencies to maximise the depth, detail and musicality of bass performance.

Phase-Coherent Crossover Networks

Containing audiophile-grade components, such as oversized inductors and Mylar capacitors, sophisticated crossovers work together with integrated Zobel networks that flatten system impedance to preserve phase coherence, transient response and dynamic signal integrity for unbelievably realistic audio.

Style Meets Performance

Solid, well-damped cabinets with elegant, high-gloss accents and grilles feature specially-contoured, high-gloss baffles and tapered enclosure sides that minimise diffraction distortion. All whilst internal MDF cross braces further stiffen the system to keep enclosures totally inert and resonance-free.

Bantam Giants of Sound

The StudioMonitor Series produces larger-than-life sound that still fits right on the shelf. Experience the perfect balance of style, utility and performance with these extraordinary, monitor-quality bookshelf speakers.

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